About Da Circle

Da Circle, Fatz D’ Assassin and Goodtime Slim. Hailing from the streets of NYC, The Bronx and Brooklyn. The creators and takers of hip hop! Life long PNC’s, slim and fatz have been representatives of hip hop since childhood. Starting out as teens in New York’s notorious Graphic Arts High School in Hell’s Kitchen, slim and fatz learned fast how to survive against all odds. Graphics was a hotbed for violence, drugs and gangs, being a headquarters for NY’s most uncontrollable force, the Decepts. Graphics had one other thing in abundance, MC’s!!! Some of NY’s most legendary rappers have roots there and slim and fatz would soon join that list. Starting out as The Usual Suspects and consisting of six members, the potential was apparent, but the results were varied. After doing showcases all over NY to mixed reviews and dealing with internal turmoil, the crew was trimmed down to 2, Slim and Fatz! Da Circle was born. With the extra baggage thrown overboard, DC (Da Circle) started making a name for themselves on the unsigned hype scene. One of the more notable moments was tearing down the house at NY’s legendary hip hop spot Club Speed with DJ Kay Slay hosting the event. Along this time, NY’s mayor of underground hip hop, Poison Pen, became an early mentor for DC and now all of a sudden DC had the backing of New York’s number one underground crew, Stronghold! This lead to DC linking up with Immortal Technique and becoming a vital cog in his new revolutionary movement, The Rebel Army. Armed with the lyrics and concepts of vintage MC’s and the swag of the here and now, Da Circle is destined to take up residence in hip hop’s rafters as legends! Da Circle… 360 degrees of HIP HOP!