About World Goes Round

Buried treasure

About thirty years ago I recorded and produced an album (nearly) with Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Jeff Hull and Marty Walsh – four good friends who were hot songwriters, singers, and musicians working at that time in the LA music scene of 1989. Between them they had either written for, sung with or played on records by a string of major artists and producers like Linda Ronstadt, Queen, Chaka Khan, Brenda Russell, Jeffrey Osborne, John Denver, Supertramp, John Fogerty, Quincy Jones, Arif Mardin, George Martin, Air Supply – the list is too long to quote.

At Frankie’s home studio in legendary Laurel Canyon (with a 150ft California redwood growing out of the middle of it) they wrote and recorded these tracks. In this idyllic, pressure free setting they came up with some astoundingly great music which matched their creative and musical aspirations – to make a record that was musically up there with their heroes but quirky, forthright, opinionated and relevant. Hip but accessible at the same time. Many of the lyrical themes are more topical now than in 1989. Yet the music captures the spirit of that momentous time.

For one reason or another, I leave it to your imagination, I have been sitting on these golden tracks which no one has heard for thirty years. Finally the shackles are off and
they can be heard by the world. World Goes Round (WGR) is the name of the super band that never was. After thirty years these tracks sound as fresh and current now as they did then. Maybe better. Perhaps WGR was ahead of its time. Or they’ve just improved like good wine. Either way there is more of the story to come. Stay tuned.

Enjoy them. And as Ringo would say – peace and love, Tommy Vicari