In 2002, after turning down four major labels offering large advances,  Immortal Technique signed with Viper Records in a deal that made him President of the label.  Tech felt comfortable knowing that no industry types were present to mess with his artistic integrity, and being President would give him the opportunity to put his business chops to good use. He built Viper’s Studio, and brought in Southpaw as chief engineer and Head of A&R. He released Revolutionary Volume 2, followed by Legacy, his production of Akir,  who he also signed to the label. Akir tours with red man. Viper signs Diabolic and releases his cd, liar and a thief. Cary Stuart signs on to direct and film a documentary about the life of immortal technique to be titled, the (R)evolution of immortal technique.

Viper rereleased Immortal Technique’s revolutionary volume 1 and the all new revolutionary 2 within a month of each other in late 2002 and fast became the darling of the underground. Orders were out of control, so Viper signed a distribution deal with Carolines and went back to looking for new artists. Tech signed a deal with the Agency Group and started touring heavily.