P.J. tours throughout most of 2010 and writes his third album, 2011’s ‘Outlet’, on the road. He works with producer Dave O’Donnell (James Taylor, John Mayer) on two tracks and P.J.’s music begins to get TV placements on channels like TeenNick, ESPN, NBC Sports, SpikeTV and a number of others. iTunes raved “these are songs to file and remember…hooks in all the right spots’, and the momentum brought P.J. overseas to tour Holland for the first time in the spring 2012.

The Netherlands greeted P.J. with open arms giving him radio play and fantastic turnouts for his first tour there. 3FM’s Giel Beelen had P.J. as a musical guest on his Freaknacht radio and TV show.

In the fall of that year, P.J. released his album, ‘Surface’. The singles ‘Half Wishing’ and ‘Champions & Guardians’ both have Vevo videos and was the first time he saw chart action. The album went to #28 on the iTunes s/s album chart and both singles saw radio play in the Top 40 format.

Two tours in the States that year and an additional radio promo tour of Holland in the fall saw 2012 a busy year.

2013 brought P.J. together with singer/songwriter, Garrison Starr. Garrison and P.J. became friendly through their mutual booking agency in Holland. The two became close friends and began touring and writing together in March of ’13. Kit Karlson joined the team the following month as producer for P.J.’s EP, Overlooking The Obvious. They co-wrote the single, Bend It Till It Breaks, which gave P.J. his first radio airplay in the UK, as he and Garrison toured Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and the UK in the spring. Upon returning in May form tours in Europe and the States with Garrison, P.J. recorded his latest single, Reaching, out in Los Angleles. Bill Lefler produced the song and it is a digital release only, currently at #32 on the iTunes s/s new release chart.