I know that human beings aren’t used to exhibiting the feelings that we have within ourselves. When we are depressed or in pain we sometimes lash out in anger, even at the people who we love. Sometimes we feel loss, and overcompensate with selfishness.

We love deeply and are taught to display shallow feelings. When we feel taken advantage of, in return we take from others who have done nothing to us. This is a human condition. I was taught to be strong in sad situations, to not cry and I have always been that way.

But things can become so hard that they become brittle and break apart easily. We are at a crossroads in our society where we feel powerless and yet have all the power within ourselves. Where the people who are the most oppressed are painted as the cause of the problem. Where the people who have blood on their hands get to conveniently wipe it off on a system. We can continue like this and linger for a while before passing or we can change who we are and what we are.

My brother, J Arch passed away last night. For those of you who knew him. He was the total opposite of what people expected of him when they saw his 6’8” 400lbs presence. He had the biggest heart. Always smiling. Loved “cooked food” so much he adopted the saying. He was a big protector for small people. People sometimes expected him to be a bully because of his size, however he was the kindest soul. I saw him help so many people in need. The homeless, the addicts, the fatherless. He especially hated any violence towards woman or children and he had charisma embedded in him. Arch was the voice of reason in so many situations when people expected him to be the one to pop off first. He spent so much more time talking me out of doing crazy things than he ever did them. I remember whether it was business, or music or relationship issues, he always counseled restraint and analysis before reaction. He helped me to become a better man in life.

People have a million memories of him, but the one that will always look back to is how happy I saw him with his son Caleb. When his little man and daughter come of age it should be told that his father was a great man and a loyal friend. We must always remind them how his father changed all of our lives with his heart and his smile. Arch was not just a great father, he was a man of honor and many talents and he will never be forgotten.

My love goes far beyond whatever music we did. We are born with whatever family we love, or endure. Though, I know through experience that we chose the brothers and sisters we have in this lifetime. He was my brother. We will honor his memory and make sure his family is well taken care of in this time of mourning. We thank you for your prayers and well wishes. We will miss Arch in the physical. But he will never leave our side, his spirit will always be with us. We will fight for what he stood for before he passed.

He is among us still. Our brother forever. Jaye Archer. We miss you & we love you my old friend.

Your brother,