Hasan Salaam – Life in black & white

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Hasan Salaam’s new album; Life in Black & White. Hasan Salaam is back with his latest creation, Life In Black & White. This album has been a long time coming. As far back as the Music is My Weapon EP and his journey to West Africa, Hasan Salaam has kept us on edge for this project. After all is said and done, he delivers a gem.

From the jump “Grey Area” sets the tone. As my favorite track on the album, Hasan Salaam delivers with flow and lyricism that could make your favorite rapper bow down. As the album progresses, we find that he doesn’t stray from his original formula but actually adds to it. He continues to touch on social issues, society as whole, morality, the streets and even sex. You definitely won’t get bored with it. There’s plenty of wit, sarcasm and sensible punch lines to keep it entertaining. 

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Tracklist 17 tracks

  • 1Definition
  • 2Grey Area
  • 3The Way(Kilo)
  • 4Jericho ft. Immortal Technique & Hezekiah
  • 5Half Breed SKIT
  • 6Fathers Day
  • 7#OGJM
  • 8It Feels Good(A Conversation) SKIT
  • 9Mile High Club
  • 10Mulatto Babies SKIT
  • 11Like Silence ft. Kendal Good
  • 12Modern Warfare
  • 13UnOrganized Religion
  • 14Pain Killer
  • 15Black Angels ft. Drue Davis & Maya Azucena
  • 16Savor The Moment ft. Drue Davis
  • 17Scars Over Scars

About Hasan Salaam

Hasan Salaam is an emcee, educator, and community organizer from New Jersey.

Hasan’s music paints vivid pictures of the commonalities that bind us: struggle, love, and pain. It’s this ability, to touch people at their core, which has garnered Hasan Salaam a loyal fan base all over the world.

Hasan has performed live on national TV stations such as NBC, FUSE, CSPAN, and PBS. His music videos have been featured by MTV UK, FUSE, Music Choice, and Video Music Box. In addition, he has been featured in numerous major media publications such as The Source Magazine (twice), The Village Voice, and The Washington Post.

In addition to his musical successes, Hasan has remained dedicated to his work in the community. He continues to work with troubled youth, and helps run a monthly food and clothing drive in Jersey City, N.J. Hasan has taught “The Socio-Political Importance of Black Music in American Society”, a self created lecture, at universities across the country. He also speaks regularly at conferences and discussion panels, to help bring awareness to vital social issues.

Poised to keep the momentum going, Hasan is currently working on his most anticipated project to date, entitled “Life in Black and White”. It is scheduled to be released in 2013. Hasan Salaam has come a long way in a short time. However, his goal remains the same, “to be a voice for the voiceless.”