New Prohibition

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NEW PROHIBITION – A Musical History of Hemp:

New Prohibition was written in an effort to launch a campaign to re-examine the laws which wrongly prohibit hemp/marijuana.

Featuring: Taj Mahal, Dee Dee Ramone, Cy Curnin, The Mighty Echoes


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Tracklist 14 tracks

  • 1Introduction
  • 2On To Something Good
  • 3New Prohibition
  • 4Slow Lane
  • 5Music's So Much Better
  • 6Balance The Budget
  • 7High and Mighty
  • 8Monster Marijuana
  • 9Lost In My Lady
  • 10George Washington
  • 11Pass It To Jah
  • 12Reefer Aint Nothing New
  • 13Looks Are Decieving
  • 14Something Good Remix