P.J. Pacifico – Outlet

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Outlet was the first album with Dave O’Donnell (Eric Clapton, James Taylor) on board as a producer. Outlet received a positive review in Blogcritics, with Jack Goodstein stating “When singer-songwriter P. J. Pacifico is at his best there is a heartfelt honesty to his music. There is a palatable flow of emotions that seems at once spontaneous and completely sincere.” According to M Magazine about Outlet, he’s “part James Taylor, part Duncan Sheik”.

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Tracklist 10 tracks

  • 1Fold Up Your Heart
  • 2Heads Up
  • 3Home With Me
  • 4Lakeshore Drive
  • 5As Soon As I Can
  • 6Waiting
  • 7New Song
  • 8Where I Can Be
  • 9Ships in the Night
  • 10Targets

About P.J. Pacifico

On his acclaimed new Viper Records EP ‘Ready to Run’, singer P.J. Pacifico takes a leap of faith and leaves behind the acoustic guitar stylings that were his trademark sound for many years. Focusing instead on synthesizers as the backdrop to his intense, emotional lyrics, Pacifico has earned raves. Elmore Magazine, in an Exclusive Premiere, described the title track as “A synth driven power ballad, with a killer hook, eighties vibe, and deliciously raspy vocals that you very well might mistake for early Rod Stewart.” And AbsolutePunk, in an 8.8 (out of 10) review, raved, “Ready to Run dabbles in the realms of pop and the results are truly dynamic. The EP opens with “All For Something,” a piano-tinged triumph of enveloping, celestial synths and an environment that is both hypnotic and transfixing.”  On the centerpiece track ‘Among the Living’, Pacifico tackles his survivor’s guilt in a cathartic song he’s struggled to write since his chemotherapy ended, twenty years ago.

P.J. has built a name for himself over the past few years, with a combined eight CD & EP releases via Viper and gaining credibility in indie singer-songwriter circles for his serene and thoughtful brand of introspective folk and pop music.  He tours Europe at least once a year, with radio play in the Netherlands (Radio 1, 3FM) and the U.K. (BBC radio).  Pacifico has evolved from a beloved, under-the-radar, Connecticut-based road warrior to an international-profile indie, and has been covered in national outlets ranging from M Music and Musicians Magazine to American Songwriter to iTunes Editorial and more. He recently signed a licensing deal with Razor & Tie Publishing and will be announcing new tour dates soon.